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Healing Activation produced by teaching artist Natalie Patterson.

What is a ritual?

Outside of the realm of spirituality and religion ritual is the performance of specific activity grounded in method, intention, narrative that drives and derives meaning from its participants. Through the practice of ritual together we imbue our actions with meaning and share experiences that create collective memory and culture.

← Healing Activation by Natalie Patterson

Translating experience through activity, intention, and narrative.

Tea Ceremony for educators researchers meeting delivered by Adam Yasmin


Through ritual we create a container that allows us to clear pathways for better communication, decision-making, collaboration, and re-calibration.

Tea ceremony for educators by Adam Yasmin →

Let us work with your teams to deliver ritual to your workplace.

Contact us to train your staff on ritual design basics to improve your internal culture, and practices.

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Image grid of symbolic practices, and objects with implied meaning.

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For soul-centered ritual practice, contact our friends at Sacred Design Lab