Class Summary:

What happens often is that we are unable to identify exactly what our expectations are when it comes to physical intimacy, what we would like them to be, and define healthy guidelines for both exploration and safety. This leads to falling into harmful patterns and/or tolerating less than adequate experiences because it may be all that we’ve known or the best we can create for ourselves. It’s time to shift perspectives.

SEX (ID) is a discussion and behavioral therapy based learning group provides an opportunity to improve emotional health surrounding physical intimacy. Participants will identify their sexual persona, find where their values land within contemporary culture, recognize obstacles to embodying their own ideals, and create a personal practice to build better habits.

In this workshop we learn:

  • How to recognize take ownership of our sexuality
  • How to avoid creating false expectations
  • How to envision a healthy sexual practice
  • How to build good habits to maintain sexual health

Sex (ID) Workshop Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this for people with sexual problems?

No. Sexuality and physical intimacy is an ever going practice that is fundamental to human expression. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their expression of sexuality, even if they already feel confident.

2. Is this related to spirituality, yoga, or tantra?

No, while there are many common ideas to be found in cultures around the world, our workshop is based in behavioral psychology.

3. Is this therapy?

No, this workshop is designed to help you see your blind spots. It helps provide clarity and is theraputic  but is only our one-on-one session can be classified as therapy.

4. What kinds of things are we going to be doing in the workshop?

The workshop is discussion based, so we will be participating in open discussions and performing some behavioral theater to translate the conversation in to actions that give us insight to our habits and instincts.

5. What if we are uncomfortable talking about our sexual history?

Our specialty is creating comfortable spaces for individuals to share their personal story. No one will be probed or asked to say anything they do not wish to but we encourage everyone to be open-minded and forthcoming.

6. Will there be nudity or touching?

There will be no nudity whatsoever. There will be hugs, hand shakes, and maybe a shoulder rub, and no one is required to pass any personal boundaries.

7. Is this a co-ed workshop?

Yes, we feel that intergender learning environment is beneficial for all.

8. I am trans. Am I welcome at the workshop?

Absolutely. This course work is centered around personal discover of our own sexual expression. It can not be dictated and is there for an unique experience to everyone. We simply provide the frame work for this discovery.

9. Is this workshop for couples?

This work is not designed for couples as it is about an individual’s personal practice. Couples who sign-up together should speak with the program director before class begins.

10. What if I have more questions?

Contact the program director