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There is no magic trick to creativity. It is the ability to translate aspects of your mind and spirit in to experiences  that can be observed  by one or a combination of our senses.

Before creation though, there is a moment that guides what you will create. It is the initial spark of intent. We call it inspiration.

Shareworthy is about sharing those sparks and spreading that inspiration.

We come together and show and tell, not about ourselves, but about what inspires us to live, or create.Hopefully you leave with more than you came with.

Since inspiration comes in so many forms, what people bring tends to be varied, sometimes it is a news clipping, a song, or a video of someone dancing on  Youtube, a cherished food, or even a person. It doesn’t matter what form it comes in, what matters is that you come with a mind and spirit open to being inspired and inspiring other.

Bring whatever you think is worth sharing.




Every 2nd wednesday at SHLTR

1610 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

email: SUBJECT: ‘Shareworthy’ for more information.

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