Soft Skills

Got a challenging boss? • Feeling anxious about making a big decision?
Feel like your whole team is working against you? • Always running out of time?

This course is for you.

Soft Skills – 5- Weeks – $125 $99

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 Soft Skills Cohort
Soft Skills Cohort
Location :

 Class + 1 on 1  Sessions (4)  
Class + 1 on 1  Sessions (4)  
Location :

Course Description:
Soft skills are practices and attributes that fundamentally support effectiveness and collaboration in business and organization. If your technical skill is how fast you type code or your ability to take a photograph, soft skills include social graces, communication abilities, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, and time management. National Business Education Association deems soft skills as critical for being industrious in today’s workplace. (wiki)

In this course you’ll walk through simple frameworks that help you understand the basics of social dynamics as they relate to business productivity and negotiation. As participant you will have access to online content, live group check-ins, and practical challenges that bring the lessons into your daily life.

By the end of the course you’ll be more equipped to bring your ideas and concerns forward in a way that can be heard, make sales/deals, break large projects into manageable pieces, make decisions,take risk and stay on task.

In this workshop we practice:

  • Time management
  • Assertiveness and self-control
  • Listening and communicating for impact
  • Decision making & risk tolerance
  • Conflict management and expressing boundaries

About ORCHESTRA  Life Studio:

Bringing together the expertise of psychologists, global perspectives on sociology, economics, and culture, and drawing upon Citizens Of Culture’s unique ability to cultivate safe-emotional spaces for learning and sharing, our workshops will help you craft new habits and perspectives to guide your life, love, and work.


Course Facilitator:

Maceo is an artist, consultant, and behavioral economist, and veteran who has worked with businesses of every sort to improve their internal culture, team dynamics, and bring social-emotional learning to create more innovative and functional workplaces.

Wk 1: Managing and Making Time
Wk 2: Talking To Strangers (And getting them to hire you)
Wk 3: Making Smart Decisions Quickly
Wk 4: Practicing Confidence
Wk 5: Working Through Difficulty (With Difficult People)

Location & Format:
Online Course via Teachable & Zoom
The course will feature videos that you can watch anywhere and weekly group check-ins that allow you to ask questions of the instructor and share with the other class members.

Sign-Up for Soft Skills plus for one-on-one counseling sessions with the instructor in addition to the course.

For your organization or we offer Consulting and Coaching that is tailored to your business/ creative team needs.

 Soft Skills Cohort
Soft Skills Cohort
Location :

 Class + 1 on 1  Sessions (4)  
Class + 1 on 1  Sessions (4)  
Location :

Class Structure:
Video Content – Each week you will receive pre-recorded videos that you will have access to. These presentations will out line the concepts that we will cover for that week. They will be available for you to view on mobile or desk top for the duration of the course.

Webinars – In the middle of the week we will have scheduled webinars that will allow you to check in with me, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of the concepts, and since they will be group calls, you can also chat and check in with others. The calls will be about 1.5hrs and they will also be recorded in case we all can not make them.

IRL Challenges – IRL is short for In Real Life. We will put these ideas and conversations to practice in the real world by engaging in a challenge each week that we can check in on, via the webinar.

If you are interested in taking this class but can not afford the full tuition, financing options are available.