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  • VII Winners: High Style Dream Team

    VII Winners: High Style Dream Team

    Los Angeles tends to be a place that operates as a dog eat dog world. If you are promoting yourself you have little time to spare those impressions in service of another. This model hasn’t always proven to be to most effective or sustainable. At its onset VII Winners  was comprised longtime friends Briggs, and…

  • Kacy Hill: Red Christmas

    Kacy Hill: Red Christmas

    I am dreaming of a red Christmas, like one I have never known. After viewing these photos you may be having the same dreams as me. Meet Kacy, she is a recent transplant to Los Angeles from the flaming city of Pheonix. This fireball of a gal is heating up the modeling scene. Though unsigned,…

  • Kleur: The Gift Of Color

    Kleur: The Gift Of Color

    Valentine’s Day is upon us and as much as I love the old tradition of flowers, candy,and  candle lit dinner in a fancy place all that may not be the most alluring. If you want to have a sexy V-Day you have to think out of the box. Kleur is the solution. They are a nail…