Impossible Releases PX Instant Analog Film

The IMPOSSIBLE project had

31.536.000 seconds to change the world of photography

31.536.000 seconds to prevent more than 300,000,000 perfectly functioning and carefully preserved Polaroid Cameras from becoming obsolete.

31.536.000 seconds dedicated to all the people out there who still embrace the magic of analog Instant Photography.

At a press conference on March 22, the Impossible project presents Impossible Instant Film. Understand that it is not Polaroid film. Nearly all of the materials needed to create Polaroid instant film were no longer available. Even one of the supplier’s factories was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. The tasked was met by the Impossible Team, a 10 men, all former employees of Poloaroid’s instant film division took on the job. With a combined 300+ years of experience they were able to accomplish the impossible. They redesigned the entire process, and were even able to make some improvements.

March 25th marks the release of the “First FLush” of films. Each batch is similar to wines or tea in that every batch is slightly different. It it for this reason that Impossible is not using expiration dates on their film but instead, production dates.This is new artistic material combining the characteristics of traditional analog Instant Film with new appearance of silver based monochrome shades. PX100 and PX600 Silver Shade Films are now available online at in the , limited, First Flush Edition and select retailers around the world. In summer 2010, Impossible plans to release the first color films and release 6 new instant films before the end of 2010. These PX films are compatible in  all of the Polaroid  SX-70 (PX100) and Polaroid 600 (PX600) cameras.

Impossible has also collaborated with 43 artistic photographers world wide  to start what is to be the Impossible Collection. This includes the very first test shot and many others from the First Flush edition.


At the press conference special guests included Giovanni Tomaselli from The Summit Global Group, the current owner of the Polaroid company. They eluded to releasing new cameras this year as well.

Pricing for the PX100 and PX600  “First Flush” Edition :Retail is 21 USD/ 18 EURO

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