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Groceries Sale

In the land of glitz and glamour it can be hard to find substance in our  social climate. Too many people trying to make a quick buck at the cost of others and shortchanging customers with inadequate product. Groceries Apparel operates out of the Arts District in downtown L.A. and along with their network of counterpartsthey are doing what they can to change that.

Like a rose out of concrete, the Groceries’ Locals Only Sale Showcases So-Cal Brands and music on a semi-sunny day seemingly sprung on short notice. Matt Boelk, one of the partners at Groceries admits it was a trial attempt but they were none-the-less pleased with the results. The event was held at their factory where they welcomed over a dozen brands, live music, and food. What made the event special was not only the product and the party but the fact that it wasn’t just another hip thing to be seen at in L.A.

Falling Whistles

There was no shortage of beautiful people but it wasn’t superficial. Brands like Falling Whistles, an accessory company that participates in human rights activism for peace  was present. Also Benson Backpacks, who devotes some of their profits to children’s education initiatives in Tanzania was a featured vendor. A portion of the proceeds from the Groceries sale went to support the Midnight Mission that operates out of downtown, just a few blocks from the factory.


On another note, the music was nothing to be overlooked. Performances by Turbo T Double, an underground rapper based in Los Angeles by way of Louisiana, and Gondola, a newly formed folky-rock group provided the soundtrack to shop to. Turbo always delivers a quality performance and was more than inviting when approached for  photo. Drew Brandmeier, the lead singer and guitarist from Gondola was charming as well.

Turbo T Double

I can’t help but ask myself, “I am supposed be at a trendy fashion event, right? Or is this something else?” It seems that there is hope for Los Angeles to be more than exporter of fad diets and Hollywood  buzz. There is hope for the fashion industry to be more than  a purveyor of superficial concepts of beauty. There is hope for us as people to collectivize and build a better world while building our businesses. This wasn’t a trendy fashion event, but more like a community gathering of like minded people who are using their business smarts, creativity ,and style as a vehicle for change.

From what I hear this isn’t the last sale they are going to be having, and I will make sure to advise details on the next one. Think about where you shop, and think about who you  are, the two may not be as misaligned as we think.

Brett Novek of Good hYOUman
Jac Vanek
Jared Tate of Dear Raymer
Stevie from Gotta Dance Dirty
Chateau Relaxo
Willa w/ a Benson Backpack

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