TV Cafe

What is better than breakfast?
Breakfast with friends!

To me, there is almost nothing better than sitting at a diner, cafe, or restaurant with a friend in the AM. I found that I could not schedule enough breakfasts to accommodate the number of people I enjoyed having as my company so I started a club.

The goal is just to meet with good people and find out where the good food is for the morning.

This is episode #1.

TV Cafe

courtesy of scottl

Musician: Def Sound The Natural
Writer: Youssef of Best Things Said
Graphic Artist and painter: Allison Kunath

TV Cafe was supposed to be Nick’s Diner but since I am bad at planning we had to nix Nick’s and head to the corner of Olympic and Alameda.

TV Cafe has a huge burger and fries atop the patio, I didn’t see them on the menu but they sure look delicious. Upon entering, I oidn’t see as many TV’s as I think I might so I asked the girl at the counter where the name came from, and where all the TVs are, she said it was because “We are always on.”   I guess we have that in common.

Don’t spend too much time looking at the menu or your get a crink in your neck since the menu is mounted to the ceiling. They certainly do aim high.

On the corner of the  breakfast menu it reads “3pm to 11am” which but Allison , who was last to arrive strolled in at 11:20 and ordered right off the breakfast side with not even a mention of that sign, so don’t be scared. I’m sure they’d rather have you money 20 minutes late than not at all, especially since there is only 4 hours when they don’t serve breakfast.

The food was edible but not exciting. This place was closer to empty at a busy intersection on a sunday afternoon. We got a pretty huge booth for w 3 people though. I only ate one of my pancakes. Def Sound ordered vegetarian huevoes rancheros, but they decided he need to “beef up” so he found pieces of meat in his meal.

I don’t remember what Youssef ordered, not only because I am a bad journalist but my food arrived before his and I had already begun to dig in by the time he got a plate. Picture looks like tacos right?

Allison’s coffee and oatmeal cookies were not worthy of a photo. I got a standard breakfast, as will almost always get. Eggs, bacon, hash browns and my personal favorite, PANCAKCES!!

The pancakes were flat, not fluffy, but not bad, as I said ‘unexciting’. What was exciting was the quadralogue we had at the table.4 artists, born and raised in the technological age, we are the last generation to remember a world without internet.

Before the food arrived, Def Sound browsed through tracks on his Iphone. Allison mentioned a book, and by the time she was done talking about it Youssef already had it on the way to his house via web order.  We passed phones back and for just as passed thoughts.

The internet was so accessible to the four of us at the table but we realized not everyone is so fortunate. There are still millions of people in our country without access to something we rely on daily. It was a reality check to us all, it certainly brought home the message of gratitude and we all left a bit more appreciative of what we have at our finger tips.

It is 2010 and I found myself sitting in a TV cafe, sharing, breakfast and mobile broadband, broadening my horizons. The future is so fun, I can’t wait to see more of it.