N E W . V I S U A L S :: def sound – DUDE, i JUST WENT VEGAN.



We are living in crucial times, which are testing our belief and belief systems. We can no longer look away, or act like these acts of police brutality and rise of an accused rapist and fascist leader who’s wife steals speeches are not real. You can’t block them out on your timeline, we have been inhaling injustice for so long no wonder we can’t breathe.

In the midst of our anger, sadness, confusion and disbelief, we can’t forget that we aren’t fighting people or skin colors, we are fighting systems. I have found in this fight my weapon of choice happens to be creation, which is the highest form of rebellion. We must become the change we desire to see,we keep filling our cups with more information and problematic propaganda but what are we making out it? In the words of Nina Simone “An Artist duty is to reflect the times…” I am here to share my newest reflection in the form of a visual collaboration w/ MADASHELL (Leila Jarman + Mike Leisz) called “DUDE i JUST WENT VEGAN”  (from the KINGS • OF • NEON project).

We are more than hashtags, we are more than a moment of silence, we are more than a Facebook post, we are more. I will continue to use my platform and artform to speak to and for the people that they say are invisible, the marginalized who are creative but feel voiceless. I’m not gonna die w/ a hard drive full of ideas. Nothing is promised, release your vibrations to the world, it will be felt by those open to receiving it. You are what you’ve been waiting for.


Concept // Directed // Edited // Processed by: MadAsHell (Leila Jarman + Mike Leisz) mad-as.us/
Processed using TACHYONS+
Song written & performed by Def Sound defsound.bandcamp.com/album/kings-of-neon
Song produced by Brook D’Leau.


Also I would love to see you all this Sat. July 23rd at the STRONGER event.

Info below.