Heavenly: Lianne La Havas

In a day when nearly every song on the radio is chopped, screwed, scrambled , or scratched its not uncommon to be left feeling a little raw from today’s music. From the other side of the Atlantic comes an artist from the other side of the spectrum. Lianne La Havas hails from the UK and spills lovely chords into a room of Angelinos in her Live in LA EP. It is a free download that serves as a great sampler for anyone who has yet to hear of her. Her debut album, I Your Love Big Enough¬†is slated to release July 9th.

Her soultry voice  echoes the crowd and her smile shines brighter than the spotlight. The Live in LA EP has some snippets of her interaction with the audience and in person she does not disappoint. You might also notice she is not shy with her fashion, her avant guarde style will surely have her gracing the cover of many fashion magazines as well Lianne is the real deal. Not only is she magic on stage but she is just as charming off stage. we salute Ms. La Havas as an emerging talent and one to watch.

Speaking of watching, take a look at her video for the single “Forget”.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPrdfvBVaA8&w=853&h=480]