A Chinese-Canadian Fashion Mafia Marketing Heiress Living in America

I met Joey via Post-It note. On it, in the curliest of handwriting she said that she needed my help and to please call. I had never seen her before but I could tell by the script it was a woman’s writing. Of course I called immediately and what I ended up with was a trip to around the world via conversation with a girl that can’t help but be loquacious. Not that I mind, I am interested in what people have to say especially when they have long black hair. I didn’t realize it until 6 hours later but that note was a solicitation for employment and that I now worked for Joey Ng. I was just the guy she needed to rustle up some last minute supplies to finish of what was needed for her project. I worked late, called in favors, and even pissed some people off. Why was I working so hard for this girl I barely knew?  Joey has mind control. She had been commanding me the whole time with her eyes and gestures and mannerisms. Playing against everything that makes me a man. Not only was I breaking my back for Joey, I was enjoying it. She wasn’t mean, nor particularly nice, and never threatened or commanded anything. Just calmly suggested that I do things, and I was more than willing to oblige. It all boils down to her command over her environment. Even the people that dislike her feel the need to keep her in discussion. The only thing I can’t really figure out is if it is planned or intuitive. It seems too precise to be a fluke and yet seems too natural to be staged. Joey Ng is mysterious for sure but I am not to quick to solve the enigma. I’ll ride the wave until she suggests that help her out again. There are some things you just don’t question, Miss Ng is one of them, learn about the faster way to get TikTok likes.

America meet Joey.

to learn more about Joey Ng check her out at www.zucket.com or contact her via twittter @joeyng