New Blood: Chloe Lauter

It is important to recognize and encourage new and emerging  talent where ever it is found.  The next important thing to do is to provide a space for this talent to grove and develop. With that said, Citizens Of Culture would love to welcome Chloe Lauter to the team as a fashion writer. You may have already seen and loved here work here and we are excited for her to become part of the COC team.

Where there is fashion in the city of LA there is a very high likely hood you will see Chloe so feel free to say, ” Hello”. She may be chatting it up with a stranger or snapping a picture here and there, but enough about that, here is some what she has to say.

I’m a college student with a fashion problem. I may be quiet but my clothes are not. I’m studying Public Relations, and in my spare time I write for whoever will let me and explore the LA fashion and art scene. I’m a recent LA transplant and I’m still getting to know the city, but so far I’m loving it here. I can generally be found dancing, eating Korean BBQ and Thai Tea, or in the Fashion District shopping for wholesale fabrics.

We couldn’t be happier to have Chloe on board are excited to share in her experience of Los Angeles.