On a cloudy day The Brooklyn Circus shines in NY.

One thing I like about NY is that not everyone in cars. A lot of people take taxis on surface streets but far more people are on foot or riding the train. The public transit system makes for some great opportunity to meet people. I had a chance encounter with a personal hero of mine while waiting for the 1 heading Uptown on Broadway. Mr Ouigi Theodore “The bearded Man” from The Brooklyn Circus was waiting for that very same train.

images courtesy of The Brooklyn Circus

He was more than obliging to all of my questions and even took the time to show me some of his inspirations. I was pleased to find we weren’t too far off in that respect. It’s certainly something to be proud of to ,after 4 years, have 3 boutiques for men and women.You can find the BKC in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Chicago. After meeting the founder and creative director I had to take the time to see the shop for myself.

I was greeted warmly by Colin and Sham, who were of course, meticulously dressed. I was entirely impressed by the complete aesthetic of the store. All the visuals were consistent with what I’d become familiar with. It seems that sometimes the marketing and advertisements are only a cheap preview that is not lived up to by the experience of the store.


I shopped around admittedly not really looking for anything, just taking in the ambience of the shop. I fell like I could hang there all day just to be apart of what was going in with the crew. I watched other customers come in a shop. They were also dressed very well. I feel as though the BKC was a hub for like minded individuals not only to find superb clothing but a place to congregate as well.

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You can bet the next time I am heading to NYC I’ll make a quick stop before hitting JFK to see what’s going on at the circus.

I love all these shoes. There were many I saw here which I’d earlier seen on shoe hero.

The Brooklyn Circus (NYc)

150 Nevins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tel: 718.858.0919
Hours: Daily 12 Noon-7pm

The Brooklyn Circus SF

1521 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: 415.359.1999
Hours: Daily 12 Noon-7pm (Mon by appointment)


The Brooklyn Circus CHI

2708 North Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614
Tel: 773.327.7782
Hours: daily 12 Noon-7pm