Mariah Freya: Orgasmic Discourses

We have so many varied experiences with our bodies, it is hard to pinhole what exactly is “normal” sexual behavior. And once we find what is “normal” we may not even like it. Mariah Freya has come to an awakening of her body and sensuality. She has coupled her experience with study and created a consultancy that educates women on sexual healing. It is a path to expression and freedom that many find blocked by past experiences of abuse or harassment. Her site Orgasmic Discourses is a journal and resource for these discoveries.

An initial interest in this work was spurred by Mariah’s own difficulty with physical intimacy. ” I didn’t have a lot of interest in sex for a long time, because it didn’t give me a lot pleasure. I knew there was a sexual urge in me but I couldn’t quite get it out.” She notes earlier having to protect herself from sexual abuse and harassment. Though she was able to escape abuse, she felt that there were “marks” on her sexuality. One of her core beliefs is that there is a mind, heart connection that is also tied to the genitals. This is something that is mentioned by veterans in the field like Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues), and ¬†Noami Wolf. The idea of sexual development is also tied to larger cultural movements like the sexual revolution that took place in conjunction with the social revolutions of the mid 60’s. This mind body connection can lead to storing some traumas in the vagina that can cause numb marks, where sensation is muted.

Freya’s mission is to work with women to get past these sources of emotional anguish and reconnecting with their sexuality, offering them a chance to take ownership of it and be empowered. Part of this work is education on yoni massages. The literal meaning for the word yoni is “sacred place or temple” and is the sanskrit word for for the vagina. Numbness or discomfort can be stored in the vagina just like other places in the body like the shoulders and neck. The purpose of the massage is not to bring a woman to orgasm but to stimulate blood flow, relax the receiver and allow for them to feel sensation and awaken any potential numb marks. features information about yoni massages, art, and discussions about sexuality, femininity, and vulnerability. It is through this content that Mariah connects with her audience and offers private consultation time, as well.  While in relationship, she experience a patient partner that was willing to see her through this formation of her sexuality. They say that the first step to healing is identifying the problem and it was through this process that Mariah was able to recognize what she was missing. The massages with her partner were helpful but there are self love exercises that she recommends to her clients as well.

“Many women masturbate but they often do it for quick release and not to acknowledge the beauty and experience of their body.” There is a comfort you must achieve in their own skin in order to be able to fully appreciate the experience of being in it.

Mariah, is only 26 but she has been the study of personal development for ten years and has an undergraduate degree in social work. Though she is in her twenties her clients range from twice her age to younger women as well. Her knowledge and self esteem go a long way but quite simply the connect that she offers is what she see’s as most valuable. “Just to be able to discuss these intimate things seems to be incredibly helpful to many women.” It is her long term goal to provide a safe place for men and women to discuss their sexuality and intimacy.

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