boxEIGHT: Fashion Refocus

The epicenter of LA’s Fashion week is Box Eight. This year they opened invited us to see the behind the scenes of high fashion photography on a large scale. 5 separate shoots happening simultaneously. Music spinning, drinks mixing, and minglers mingling all throughout the compound. There was a working station for hair and make up, a dance floor, 2 drink bars, and plenty of room to be seen. It is fashion week so of course every one was a dressed to the nines.If you weren’t there, use this as an opportunity to take in some of the scenes from the night.

[wpvideo TYX2dsyX]

Cool is not the word. Stimulation came from all directions and there was no shortage of beautiful people roaming the party. I wish fashion week was all year long. I should write someone about that.

[wpvideo RxkH3IM6]

boxEIGHT really knows how to host a party. The staff was awesome as well. Here is my little tribute to some of the people that made the night possible.


Oh yea, and there was fire..

[wpvideo buarvpcD]