Breakfast with Joy Langston

Sometimes you get a chance to come across a great piece of content that just needs to be shared. This is a savory video from budding photographer Joy Langston. About cooking delicious breakfast. She is not a professional chef, or a health nut, and isn’t running any business. She is just a citizen of her community who has a passion for healthy eating. We thought there wasn’t any one to tell you more about Joy than herself so we decided to give her some space to tell you what she is all about.

En JOY- the video.

From Joy:

I was born in the philippines and 2005, my family and I ¬†moved here in United States and I just got married last year with my awesome husband Nathanael Langston. Music, photography, crafting, decorating and cooking are my favorites in the world. Cooking is actually my priority at home. I wanted to make sure I take care of my husband’s stomach first. For me, It is important to cook at home more often because it’s a lot cheaper and healthier. I cook a lot of filipino food because I wanted my husband to get to know my culture through food.My favorite breakfast is omelet and I can’t eat omelet without a bowl of rice. I prefer rice than bread. Food makes me happy because it just simply fills me up and it gives me a good mood.¬†One thing that makes me really happy is when i cook food and serve it to people and I see their smiles and their reactions by showing how much they love it.