Movement As One: Los Angeles Dance Project

There are occasions when groups of people move in harmony, to orders like soldiers, or to a beat, like a marching band, and then there are times when a group moves in unison to an emotion. A performance by Los Angeles Dance Project is one such occasion.

Featuring the works of Benjamin Millepied , Emmanuel Gat and William Forsythe, the LADP took the stage at The Theatre at Ace Hotel, in Downtown Los Angeles October 24th, 25th and 26th and showed what could only be described as symbiotic grace. Each dancer, not only executed their own dynamic phrasings of the body but what’s more is the shapes that were created by the collective, as one.

Resembling the chaotic flight of birds in a tempest, it is not always a noticeable synchronicity. There is disruption in the form however rehearsed, still displayed the perfect imbalance striking the eye and the heart.

Laurent Philippe

The performance served as a reminder of the potential for our society. We often view harmony as we might see ants moving in order, rank and file governing their pace. A colony of ants does move in unison but fails to allow for the expression of the individual. Rigidity does not breed creativity, and it is a part of our human nature to be expressive.

Dance shows us how we can prepare a context for individual movement where each member fulfills their purpose within the group by setting forth a full expression of their heart, mind and body. In art, we find utopia through chaos. Balance is achieved through individual action toward a collective goal.

To achieve this we must first train ourselves to attain a level of mastery, know our ability and be solid in our identity. Secondly, we must commit ourselves to the success of the group; this commitment is not to diminish ourselves but to assert ourselves fully to the process. Next is a phase of disorder, education and play, where we identify and create our roles within the group. This occurs with the direction of higher authority or through self organization. We must learn each other’s strengths and shortcomings to work together. Finally, we polish and perfect the message under common ethos. In this case, the choreography.

After seeing the Los Angeles Dance Project, you may not only be in awe of their performance, but in awe of the potential we have to create a society that replicates its ideals. The group is strengthened by each individual color shining as brightly as it can to create a tapestry fortified by the very diversity of its make up.