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  • Groceries Apparel: All That, And All Eco

    Groceries Apparel: All That, And All Eco

    Amidst the buzz of sewing machines and cutting tables Rob Lohman and Matt Belk talk to me about fashion and style, branding and marketing, and basically everything else that has to do with the Fashion industry. He told me how it’s better to buy apparel by the box in this day and age as one…

  • Groceries Apparel : Locals Only Sale

    Groceries Apparel : Locals Only Sale

    In the land of glitz and glamour it can be hard to find substance in our  social climate. Too many people trying to make a quick buck at the cost of others and shortchanging customers with inadequate product. Groceries Apparel operates out of the Arts District in downtown L.A. and along with their network of counterpartsthey…

  • Captain of the Lens

    Captain of the Lens

    He eats parfait, he wears women’s blazers, and he is too friendly for his own good, but that is not what makes him interesting. It is not immediately apparent what he is in charge of but Captain Chris is certainly on a trip. This young photographer is currently running the streets snapping photos of everything…