Jessie and Tara: How You Glow

Have you ever come across a person that was giving off such an incredible energy that it was almost distracting? The type of person embodies such a beautiful presence it is immediately noticeable in a room. We all have this ability in us, the ability to let our inner beauty shine outwardly. It is necessarily related to our physique or body but more so a feeling. It can be something we carry with us constantly or a feeling we get when we are doing something we love. It is in these moments that we are so fulfilled that we actually glow. Jessie Groveman and Tara Sowlaty have recognized this in themselves and in others. It has become each of their professional mission to help others achieve the feeling with the work they do daily.

Jessie, an art therapist with a Masters degree from NYU, guides meditative healing sessions that include creative writing , art, yoga, and aroma therapy.  She focuses on stress relief, restoration, and relaxation with practices tailored to suit the needs of each individual. Her sessions create holistic, multi-sensory experiences for the people she works with.


Tara is a Natural Food Chef and,  trained at The Natural Gourmet Institute and Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Creator of The Tara List solution, an online guide to healthy eating. The guide centers around creating positive eating habits that remove the need for dieting and deprivation with a balance between the indulgent and the healthy. She is a Registered Health Coach that consults on meal plans and lifestyle management.

Between the two of them, they have you covered inside and out, which is where their story together begins. With the launch this project the beautiful duo brings together their collective knowledge to facilitate that special feeling of amazement. It is a health and wellness website that shares the lifestyles and stories of inspirational people with HOW THEY GLOW.  Along with the profiles Tara and Jessie impart their own experiences in the with the HOW WE GLOW section of the site. Finally, they curate a wellness section, HOW YOU GLOW, imparting their knowledge of products, foods, and practices that engage their audience with useful information.


If you are ever feeling dull or muted by life, the women of HOW YOU GLOW have the inspiration, stories, and tools to help illuminate your mind, body, and spirit. Their recently launched site is a one stop for health, wellness and nutrition, and should be a bookmarked page for anyone looking to experience that , sometimes elusive feeling, of the GLOW.

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