Kony 2012 Campaign : Masterclass on World Change

Kony 2012 is a global campaign to raise awareness and support for the capture  of Joseph Kony, a man accused of committing countless acts against humanity in Uganda. Whether you believe in  supporting this cause or not there is something powerful that we can take from the execution of the campaign. This effort shows us how to create world change movements in the 21 Centry using social media, down up politics, community efforts, and why internet censor ship can not be allowed.

The movement is currently centered around a 27 minute video that has become a viral sensation world wide. The movement is leveraging this awareness to gain support for their cause and acquire additional resources.

The first half of the video is the rising action, it informs us of the problem. It is visually stimulating, statistically sound, and emotionally compelling. Around 14:01  the video begins to talk about exactly how they are going to move forward and these pillars are the same ones necessary to create momentum behind any vehicle for change.

The most prolific point is that by publicizing a major issue we can effect policy by literally demanding that our leadership take action, but it has to be loud, and it has to be large. These two pyramids, shown in the video, reflect the change in influence we have the opportunity to make on a number of fronts.

As with any revolution it takes the people for unite to be successful. We can change how our government is run and how corporations do business if we show them that these changes are important and we watching. In the past what kept us from coming together was distance, or access to each other. Now, using social media we are able to share ideas and content more easily than ever before. We can organize, and collectivize our efforts using fewer resources.

In watching the video here are some of the key points that can be taken.

1.  Come together behind an idea
2.  Pool Resources
3.  Organize in action with a focused goal
4.  Share the plan with everyone involved
5.  Make it cool to care
6.  Spread the idea
7.  Reach out to officials, publicize their response.
8.  Keep the topic in the public eye
9.   Publish the results
10.Repeat steps- 2-9 as needed


The Kony 2012 campaign shows the real power of the public outcry. That, if the idea is strong enough and we band together we can effect policy decisions that out weigh borders, policies, and profit. Not only because it is a worthy cause but because the leaders of our financial, and political institutions recognize  that the power lies in numbers.

What it cost to organize a boycott in 1955 in time and resources we waste on flash mobs nowadays for no reason at all. In the sixties people marched to protest war, and now we have marches to protest financial inequality that have led to no official change. The world is smaller and bigger at the same time with more complex issues and yet we have an increased ability to bring awareness to them. We have an innate desire to connect,improve our environment, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, that is what drives us to act and be involved in change movements. There are so many causes to be a part of and so much opportunity to create change, you don’t have to go far to find something that resonates with you.

We have the means to figure out what is REALLY important to our generation and approach those issues collectively. If there is a group with a cause you are passionate about,  support it. If you can’t find an organization that reflects the change you want to see in the world, create your own, but move in the direction that your passion guides you.

We now have immediate access to millions of people for free. This access is unbridled by censorship or regulation. Whatever the benefits of internet censorship/ e-piracy legislation, the possibility that those laws would inhibit our ability to communicate is one that we can not accept. If we loose free and open communication on the internet we  loose access to each other and with it our ability to communicate.

If you have a message it is time to share it. I you have a concern it is time to voice it. It is time to come together behind whatever you think will make the world better and engage your community behind you, a community held together not by geography, but by ideology. It doesn’t have to involve millions, but recognize that it can. Be an activist for the change you want to see.

The revolution may not be televised, but you will probably be able to watch it on youtube.