Wantless: Helping You Let Go

According to a 2014 survey by the company Vouchercloud, the average woman owns about $500 dollars in unworn clothing. In addition to never having worn %20 of their wardrobe there is over %60 of the closet inventory that hasn’t been worn in a year. When you think about how hard it might be to choose exactly what to put on in the morning, part of the issue might not be that a person doesn’t have anything to wear. It is quite possible that we often¬†don’t know¬†what we want to wear. This is only made more difficult by being bombarded by the unused options in our closets. Having too many options when you are unsure make it harder to find the thing you want. This is where the women of Wantless come in.

Jen Rose and Tiffany Alice are longtime friends who have come together, sharing a gift they discovered during their friendship. Jen was used to traveling with nearly all her belongings and Tiffany has always been a bit of a neat freak. When they needed to create space for themselves to complete an art show they were forced to clear out a lot of things and make decisions about what was truly love necessary in their lives.

This comes at a time when so many people are scrambling to collect more and more. When the storage industry has grown to multi0billion dollar size and general storage units are accessed less frequently than once every 3 months on the average. This means that people are truly paying to keep things that they almost never use or see.

It is not just the things we own that we don’t need but we also own so many things that we don’t like. The problem of looking in the closet and not finding anything to wear is one of haphazardly chosen things or ones that no longer suit our lifestyle or identity. We simply have yet to remove them from our lives.

Everytime we exert energy in looking past things we know we don’t want we waste energy performing an action that could have been avoided. For those of use that wish to be more efficient this is a squandered opportunity to make the most of our time. This adds up and also clutters our decision making and adds stress.

Along the way this process was not only cleansing for the physical space but opened up new opportunity for them to bring only what was valuable to them into their lives. The Wantless project was born from this effort to help others cultivate spaces that were free from clutter and whose value could be maximized by the owner.

As a duo, Jen and Tiffany consult and clear out spaces for residences and business owners of all types. The process is intended to give the client the feeling of openness an opportunity. In collaboration with the client they collectively appraise the value of the owned objects to decide which objects truly create worth and redistribute the unnecessary items to those in need.

The idea is designed to help us understand what we need and what we enjoy and to be willing to let go of things that have no value or purpose in our lives. This helps us to not only collect fewer items but quite literally want-less items in general.

If this sounds like something you can accomplish on your own, that is probably because it is. Both Jen and Tiffany proclaim this is something that people can and should do own their own. But, just like going to the gym they are here to hold accountable, encourage, and help push people just beyond their comfort zone for real growth.

They duo is intentional and discerning with their process and focus on leaving clients with not only more space, but more options. The future is yours to create but you can’t exactly carve it out if you are weighed down with the clutter of your past if you are ready to let go. Contact Wantless.