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Think about your favorite food. Think about any food you like for that matter. Think about what you want for breakfast tomorrow. Now erase that idea from your brain. Imagine being asked to do without solid food for three days  to clear your digestive system. Could you do it? Of course you could but your first thought may have been in response to the idea that you wouldn’t be able to eat the things you enjoy.  Jessica Erler is here to help you with this concept, it’s what she does. Jessica is a holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor that has spent the past 8 years in Los Angeles developing programs, teaching, and writing about health, food, and seasonal eating.

Her passion for holistic health spans back to her childhood as she remembers keeping a journal of food allergies as early as 10 years old and having family encourage healthy decision making, ” My grandmother started doing yoga at the age of 67 and at age 97 she was putting her toes behind her head. My aunt was also very health conscious.” In her 20’s Jessica found herself fatigue and tried a cleanse and that make a huge impact on how she was living, “That first cleanse… it changed the way I ate.”

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From there Erler coupled her passion for health and nutrition with her love for helping people. She has a bachelor’s degree in human services and has spent time in India and Panama facilitating classes to inform locals on how to make more nutritious meals with the foods available to them.

Jessica believes that healthy nutritious food is possible for everyone, but she also believes in juices as a strong supplement to a healthy diet. “Sometimes people dive into a cleanse without doing their research and don’t get the results they could. Know which cleanse to take and what to try is important. But your body will tell you what works.”  Jessica is not only a guide but a cheerleader as well, she encourages people to experiment and try new things to find out what works for their own needs.


With as busy as she is it may seems that she has trouble sticking to her credo, but she cooks simple meals that don’t take a long time to prepare. “I won’t use a recipe that has more than 5 ingredients, I like things quick and simple.” Personally, some of her favorite foods are kale, brown rice pasta, and chicken. She shops locally,guided by what is in season and frequents the Larchmont Farmer’s Market.

This week Jessica will be teaching a class at Juice Served Here on The Basics of Cleansing, that will show you what it means, which cleanse is best for you,and how to start and finish properly.


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