There Are No Mistakes

I love free people. Open minded spontaneous individuals that are not hindered by social pressures. Kelsea is a professional babysitter. It may not suit her profession to have photos on the internet where she is undressed but I think that is part of the beauty of her personality. It really doesn’t matter to her. “I like modeling, it is something I just fell into but it it’s great.” We met on a sunny day in her back yard. She was just getting home from work. The parallels in how she spends her time are obvious. Running around in sweat pants chasing toddlers affords her the luxury of lounging around in a fluffy robe chasing day dreams.

We talked about her cat, her ex-boyfriend (idiot), and the ever rising cost of real estate in California. I learned that she has not had a perfect life but she doesn’t see anything as a mistake per say. “Everything is an experience, that shapes what our life is like. It would be boring if things didn’t happen, good or bad.” She is a great subject. I found myself just as interested in our conversation as I was focused on the photos. Well maybe a little more on the photos.

Sometimes the best part of being a photographer is having permission to stare at a beautiful woman. Sometimes the best part is meeting a beautiful person. Thank you Kelsea.

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