Ultra Coolio debuts at Relapse Fashion Show

Ultra Coolio is not only off the wall, it’s bouncing on the ceiling. Ultra Coolio is beating on the floor. Ultra Coolio is jumping out the window.  Let’s start with the mission statement: 

” UltrA cOOliO created by L.Cue aspires to embrace and encourage ones unique spirit. We want our customers to feel distinct, diverse, and comprise a high level of self-fulfillment!  We give you the confidence, esteem, and mind-set to be yourself, and express all your COLORS! We add the sparkle to your ‘life of the party’ charisma and allow your masked soul to be seen.” 

If you were not at the Relapse Fashion Show  at 6 pm on Sunday, January 31st, I hope you were at the Grammy’s because that is about the only place where the red carpet  could match this one. It was a culmination of young LA designers’ work at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. On display that night, among others was, Ultra Coolio, fashion without inhibition. People sometimes go their whole lives trying to define their style, always wondering ,”What to wear?” Instead of spending so much time looking into their closet they should probably spend a little time looking into themselves.

event photos by Tyler Adams

“It allows you to be you, express your true colors, to be seen not worrying of the people watching and judging you” ,says designer, L.Cue when describing her line. I know I’ve personally spent hours in stores looking for pieces that I felt speak my personality and too often I’ve come up short. Ultra Coolio aims to change that aspect of fashion. By the looks of things they are certainly on the right track. It  juxtaposes  pattern in a way that calls back to traditional African prints and fit. The loose and colorful influence is apparent but done with a modern wearability.

At the show, models catwalked in all their glory displaying  vivid tapestries and inspiring compositions.If the Relapse Fashion Show was set up as a class room Ultra Coolio would be the kid who  couldn’t sit still in their chair, always with their hand up, social and energetic, bursting with potential.Theres are no limits on this line, there are no lines limiting the colors, Ultra Coolio colors outside the lines.Technicolor details poured from the stage while models splashed in puddles of flair. 


Featured here is T. Billingsley, a standout model, in some photos that showcase one of my favorite looks, Funk-tfied. The solid structure of the corset balances the drapey form of the dress bottom. Ultra Coolio always makes great use of pattern and this garment maintains that standard. 

I’m not sure there is anything that doesn’t look good on T. She is the real deal, awesome in front of  the lens and commands your attention on the runway. T. is open minded, supremely cooperative, and a pleasure to work with. Enjoy.


Ultra Coolio is available direct at  www.ultracoolio.com

T.Billingsley is available for booking, contact her via leticia.billingsley@yahoo.com