Liza Minou Morberg: Life Direction

Minou is a director. The Swedish transplant has been an LA resident for sometime and is putting her skills to work all over this fair city. I asked wanted to know all about her, not as a director but as a person. The context she provided in our discussion has made me appreciate her already impressive work, so much more.

It’s saturday night and I am walking into Freak City. The occasion is the screening party for Liza’s latest project, the “Hardcore Girls”┬ámusic video featuring Rye Rye. She is standing at the bar, I can’t hear what she is saying but has a huge smile on her face. This is as much her night as Rye Rye’s. The amount of work it takes to put together a successful production is often over looked and this event is a celebration of her efforts and that of her team.


With overly loud music, in a forest of vibrantly colored clothing, jewelry, and accessories we find a place to chat. She talks of boarding school, and hip hop, and the people and culture she came from in Sweden, “I had to relate to a variety of different types of people, and I think that diverse cultural background is a part of why I will be successful.” She’s travelled to Asia, Africa, South American, Europe, and now living in the US. Liza Minou pools all of that experience to create stories that appeal to a multitude of cultures, not just one target group. When asked what she wants people to get from her work she answers, ” I want people to feel good about being themselves and think twice before judging people that are different.”

As a writer, Minou explores human behavior, insecurities and love. She draws inspiration from her own life. “I think when you are young you focus so much energy on the boy or girl you like instead of putting energy into accomplishing your goals. When you put energy into what you love to do you attract the right person for you. ”

Moonbase Media is headed by Liza and videographer/partner Isaac Bauman. They work together on productions that are low in budget but high in creativity, and believe collaboration is a key piece to success. “When I see people around me doing well, it doesn’t threaten me, it inspires me.”

Minou’s inspiration shows in her dramatic scripts and varied perspective in directing. It is her excitement and passion that are most convincing that she will surpass all of her goals. We will certainly be following her work and enjoying the view.

Enjoy the video