London Andrews is a regular girl… when she’s not naked.

I’m browsing about 2 and a half years ago and I come across a monument of a woman staring back at me stark nude and I fall in love. In a world where you find yourself shooting one size 2 after another London Andrews stands out. I assume she might stand out in any world, but I’d be wrong in that assumption. For 2 years I follow her work and dream of the day when I would be of a caliber to work with this woman.  I tried  set up a shoot with her last year to no avail. I head back to my trade and continue to cultivate my art until earlier this year we are finally able to get together. When she arrive the day of the shoot I don’t recognize her. I am looking for a super hero of a woman but to surprise I see a quant lady in glasses and nothing really flashy for clothing. “I like to dress comfortably,” she says.

It is now that I realize there are two personalities inside this body. During our shoot I became increasingly interested in her and how her life is arranged. I asked her a few questions and after our work was done she obliged in letting me take a few photos of her that sort of show her transformation.

When she is not the globetrotting nude model,London Andrews. She is just a 26 yr. old woman on a journey to see the world and experience all life has to offer. When she is NOT London Andrews she is a sweet girl that giggles and wears baggy clothes that hide her figure. She has issues with her body, and hates when a guy stares at her breasts longer than he stares into her eyes. When she is NOT London Andrews she pays her best friend’s way to travel with her all summer. “I told him to quit his job and come with me. I said, ‘I’ll pay for everything.'” She hails from Austin, Texas, loves music festivals and the outdoors, long walks on the beach etc. Nothing terribly exciting and certainly not what you think your going to get when you see her photos.

I am curious as to how a shy girl from Texas makes her way into the world of modeling and particularly being a nude figure model. As far as I could tell most of her personality is completely contradictory the wanting to do this kind of work. It seems a friend of hers had a school project and needed to take pictures of someone nude. Isn’t that how it always starts? That experience snowballs into a career where her voluptuous nature is a golden ticket. Her measurements are 46″-33″-48″. She is 5’5″ 180 pounds and that puts her at a dress size 14. The average model in her profession wears a size 4 so she definitely is a spike in the numbers. No less attractive, she is a testament to the saying that “Everything is bigger in Texas” and in this case, talent is no exception.

London Andrews is one of the most emotive models I have worked with. She clicks on the switch from mere mortal to a goddess that commands any lens pointed in her direction. I didn’t  have to find the shots because she gave them to me. She delivers looks with perfect timing. I ended up with images I didn’t know I wanted and I am so excited to show our collaboration later this year. Her ability to harness her emotions has taken her to the United Kingdom, Africa, Guatemala, to name a brief few. Along with travel though does not come with its danger. She told me a story about the photographer holding her ticket and not allowing her to leave. She doesn’t travel along and makes sure she has an exit strategy for whatever travel arrangements are made should the other party fail to hold up their end of the bargain. For the moment she is living her dream but in a few years she fears, gravity may take its toll on her body and the work may not flow as easily. Whatever happens to her appearance she will surely retain her ageless internal beauty and subtle charm.

If you’d like to contact London  check out her blog and add her on Facebook.