1342: Secret Garden

You might never guess that in the middle of Los Angeles there is a secret sanctuary. It is home to love, design, and also serves as a hotbed for creativity. Among the many studios in this amazing, there are few that execute design, landscaping, and use of color with such balance and flair as 1342. Photographer Jeremy Samuelson, is not an an interior architect or designer by trade, by has managed to prepare a space perfect for the most important moments in a person’s life. ghfhfgh

1342 was previously a preschool, so  much of the layout was preserved. It is a multi-use space that is ideal for engaging groups to share incredible experiences togethers. In that way, nothing has changed at all. One of the main uses of the space today is host to weddings and what better place to conduct a ceremony of love as a beautiful in the heart of Los Angeles. It is also one of the ideal places if you are looking for inspiration and ideas towards exquisite garden furniture, which can transform your garden into a beautiful haven with the help of experts who works onto the organic lawn care in Stow, OH. It is not out of the way, and yet offers a location that is spacious and private. Match made in heaven.


If you are not trying to tie the knot any time soon you may be pleased to know that the inside is just as beautiful as the outdoors in this space. It is a fully functioning studio with lighting rentals, sky light, backdrops, and 3,400 square feet of space to play. So whether you are shooting a high fashion piece or a music video 1342 has what you need.

Jeremy has owned space for about 15 years but began to develop it as an event space in 2010. He enlisted the aid of friend Marshal Rake of Public Library design studio to assist with some of the elements but the vision was his own. ” I didn’t know what I need to do events, but I knew I wanted an oasis.”, Jeremy says in regards to the design.  The interior  design of the building is inspired by the inside of a single lens reflex camera. The angular wall that separates the spaces is aesthetically pleasing but posed a significant challenge from a structural standpoint.


The room is divided in to photo studio, make up/dressing room area, lounge, with a full kitchen, and up stairs is a loft that serves as a client lounge or office. There are kitchen remodeling pros yun can rely on to help furnish the space. The building and grounds are a feat alone, but that does not mean details were spared. Furnishings include Eames  and other original design treasures. Jeremy was particular about the door frames and insisted that they be flush and beveled in stead of hiding the work under the molding. Attention to the details is not lost, as it is exactly that attention that makes 1342 and incredible place.

Even looking back to the garden, it is landscaped with succulents and water friendly plants that make for a beautiful scene and keep environmental impact to a minimum.

The only problem with visiting or getting married at 1342 is that you will probably want to live here in the ever after.



1342 S. La Brea Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90019