Charlie styled by Charlie

Charlie Pennes is a triathlete . When he’s not traversing endurance courses you may find him strolling the streets of Culver City. I happened to find him doing exactly that one sunday. He seemed like an interesting fellow so I decided to try and find out a little about him… fortunately he was more than obliging.

What motivates your style?

I like things that are rugged and fashionable. I look for things that are long lasting,craftsmanship.

Where do you shop?

It’s hard to say, most of my stuff comes from my Dad , or Grandfather….Uncles and then I add my own little touches to it. There isn’t really one line that has everything I need, I like things that are American made.

So is that very important to you?

Yes it is. Too bad about Levi’s…I like the 501s though.

Any notable style influences?

Alot of my style is inspired by Clint Eastwood, James Dean, old spaghetti westerns and things like that.

Who are those glasses by?

Do you mind if I don’t say…?

I totally respect that.