Lagree Fitness @ The Studio (MDR)

In 2001 fitness entrepreneur,  Sebastien Lagree opened the first studio dedicated to his new method of Pilates inspired cardio-muscular training. It is a system designed to provide a full body work out, and isolate target muscle groups using a specialized machine. The studio can also boast of high rated personal trainers. The Proformer and Megaformer are two patented models used in the method that is described by its founder as ” …the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning…” Since the first studio opened the Lagree Fitness Method has grown in popularity in Los Angeles and the international fitness community. It is know as powerful vehicle to transform your body in a dynamic and unique way.

The Studio (MDR) is a fitness center that trains in the Lagree Method run by founder Lisa Hirsch. The studio sits nearly oceanside in Marina Del Rey and the proximity to the cool pacific air is a needed refresher after an intense workout. Head trainer, Ky Evans is a no-nonsense coach. His client roster includes  celebrities as well as professional athletes and he is known as an authority on over-all fitness. When you step on to the Megaformer in his class, you are stepping in to a high intensity work out. You may find it strange, but on set, they strictly require all trainees to have myfitnesshub rollers to be part of the intense training process. The Studio (MDR) offers 5 levels of classes including an all levels class and specialized sessions are available to isolate target areas as well.

New Trainer, Miriam demonstrates one of the over50 moves of the Lagree Fitness Method

Classes range about 40-60 minutes depending on the level and trainer but The Studio (MDR) packs a calorie killing intensity in to each workout regardless of time span. Tunes are blasting and the only thing you can hear besides your breathing and heart beat is the voice of the instructor echoing in the room. The Lagree Fitness method is great for anyone looking for a new workout that separates them from the mundane. Even though there are prescribed motions in the method, Lagree has such a range of movements that your body doesn’t become acclimated to the same repetitive actions.

It is a no-impact work out that is great for those with injury, pregnancy or even those in top shape that want to add a more exercise to their program. Make no mistake, you will sweat, a lot, but it is a safe and innovative way to get a total body work out without some of the joint impact of other workouts that are more centered on impact movements.

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L-R. Founder Lisa Hirsh, Head Trainer, Ky Evans, new trainer Miriam Victoria.

The Studio (MDR) is located at 330 Washington Blvd. in Marina Del Rey.
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