GOOD Voter Guide to the May 21st Los Angeles Election

We are at it again folks! It is time to hit the polls and get into action for the change you want to see in your city.  The local election is by far the one that most greatly impacts our lives. Yet these local elections have the lowest turn outs. That means your are letting other people turn the wheel, and the direction they want might not be where you want to go.

To help you navigate the Young Angelenos have partnered with GOOD to create this updated voter guide. Its been revamped and made a bit more reader friendly.

Browse through it or read the whole thing but get informed for the May 21st election.

One hot button election is the Mayoral Run-Off. Its like the ultimate tie breaker for who will be in charge of the city!

Click the image to download the PDF


Happy voting.

Here is a link to where you can find your poling place.

Just trying to be helpful!!