Model Behavior

Citizens Of Culture gathered thirty individuals from the Los Angeles community to participate in an evening of social experiments. Through a series of games guests were challenged to self-organize, problem solve, compete, and communicate non verbally in an effort to reveal some insights as to our basic behavior.

If we can recreate and mimic basic social dynamics in a controlled environment, what information can we gleam about how to tackle some of our biggest problems? The evening proved to be telling on a personal level for the attendees, and revealing from a research standpoint.

After summarizing the experience, the group reflected in a round table format on their feelings from the night.



A few highlights from the comments :

TURTLE (Group 2, #2) – “It was interesting to see how we self organize and filled the small cups first and came to a consensus. ” from FILL UP

PARROT (Group 4, #4) – “Terrible , I felt horrible for fucking up Chamelons life with Zebra. They looked so cute together.” from Black JACK GOLD

BUTTERFLY (Group 1, #2) – “Bruh, I’m lost as hell. I was triggered and had to fill up the coffee heater.” from TRIGGER

ZEBRA (Group 3, #3) – “Initially all got our colors. Had blue, it was stolen for purple but didn’t mind it. Not sure whether personal attainment or group attainment was the goal.”  from SWATCH

BEETLE (Group 5, #3) – “We got another group member, We are all playing hardball! Very competitive.” – from BLACK JACK SILVER

Full Data can be found in this Document: Model Behavior FINDINGS

We hope you’ll join us next time for this challenging and insightful engagement.