Music: Loose Change Vol. VI Presented by Def Sound

One of the most eclectic people I know, and my personal music appreciation tutor, Def Sound proudly presents Loose Change Volume SIX.


As you listen to the music,feel free to learn a little about the artwork.

Def Sound’s Loose Change mixes have fed so many of my photo shoots and gatherings I felt compelled to give back a little and I asked if he wouldn’t mind collaborating on this project and we came to the idea that I might be able to provide a visual to accompany the mix a.k.a. the coverart.

I thought it would be great to do Def’s face in coins and that was the initial idea. I hadn’t realized I only had 24 hours to finish the job.
The night I was supposed to finish I almost gave up on the idea because i couldn’t get my head around it but I called up Mr. Sound and he was really passionate about the idea. I knew I didn’t want to let him down.

I dug in my pocket and literally pulled out the all loose change I had. It was a little over a dollar in quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies these coins ended up making one of the draft covers.
Below are a few of the images that inevitably led to the final art which you see at the top of the page.

I had almost given up completly on the idea of the face but ofcourse I was listening to the wrong music for creating the art. As soon as I put on LC vol. 6 I finished the art and sent Def the final version.

It is a true MIX  meaning that is thought out selection of vibes designed to make you feel good, and you will.


Happy Holidays Citizens




Loose Change Vol.6:My.Presence.Is.A.Gift.


X Mas Time Is Here by Vince Guaraldi Trio

You Could Easily Have Me by Metronomy

I Got Bass by Busta Rhymes

Scars by Basement Jaxx

Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee-Lo Green

You Know My Style by Nas

I’m Loaded by Droop-E

Cher Chez La Ghost by Ghostface

All Talk by Kid CuDi

Don’t Stop by CRS

End of Your World (Mama’s Back) by J*Davey

My Step by LittleDragon

Still Sound by  Toro Y Moi

The Drifters by Mike Nova

The Snooze By RC

Shiny Suit Theory by Jay Eltronica, Jay-z and The Dream

Xmas in Harlem By Kanye West and a bunch of people

Luchini by Camp Lo

Shrimp by Mr. Scruff

Just Being Myself by Dionne Warwick

Help Yourself by Amy Winehouse

AM/FM by !!! (Pronounced chic! chic! chic!)

SlnGBNGrs! by Blu

Goal/Wide by Javelin

SLR by Lupe Faisco

Piece of Mind by Linkwood

Time 2 get it togetherby Marvin Gaye

Just Dreamin’ by Richard Wright & Belvi feat. Def Sound

Blow Your Head Up by Chase N Cash

Galaxy in Janaki by Flying Lotus

She Lives In My Lap by Andre 3000

SunGoesUp by Nikko Gray feat. Def Sound

Little Suzie by Kelis

Flippers by Art Vs. Science

? by Andre 3000

phd (peace.hope.dope.) by Miss Jack*Davey

It Takes A Muscle by MIA

In The Muzik by Ebony Bones!

C Town by Javelin

Whatever ROUGH by Def Sound & Joya Mooi

Yank My Chain by Tanya Auclair

I SAid by Full Crate & Mar

Letters.2.My.Self. by Def Sound



Pass it as a present 2 friend