Tinder Is The Worst Dating App Ever

Fuck Tinder. Not for any particular reason but ┬ábecause for a slew of them. I have been on a few Tinder dates, and they were okay. That’s not why I am upset. I am upset with Tinder because it is literally not effective at all for setting up anything related to dating. Of course there will be some paid testimonials out there stating they found their “true love” on a phone application that only shows 5 pictures and a blurb of text but those people are not real.

Besides the fact that if you go 3 days without a match you feel like a degenerate it is really bad for your self-conscious. Should I put a bunch of text or a little bit? If you are a good looking person you can just leave the box blank and you will basically match everyone you LIKE because you are hot.

If you look like an average Joe or Jane, be weary of that “About Me” box because it could seal your fate of Tinder loneliness. TMI is a common problem. All you really need to do is just get them to swipe the rest of your pictures and prove that you have a brain. Its not like OK Cupid where you have interests to out line. It’s just a blurb so state the basics and move on.

The photos are another problem. You can only grab from your Facebook, which I assume is provide some form of identity verification. But that doesn’t really make sense because all you need to make a Facebook page is an email address. This is proven by the hot bots trying to get you on their pay sites.

The locator is kind of lame also, why is it that I am getting people outside of my criteria age gender and distance. I am a straight male, so why am I looking at another Straight male, who is 126 miles away and happens to be 20 years my senior!?

Still haven’t mentioned why its the worst dating app to actually go on a date…

Because Tinder isn’t designed with how we use the internet in mind. It is too little information and too easy to browse. It is a simple gesture to LIKE someone much like Instagram. There in lies the problem. This gesture opens the door for a “browsing mentality” meaning that if you are an Instagram user you are put in the frame of mind that you are LIKE ing things in this trivial way that is of no consequence. Now, people massively right swiping people just because their first picture is cute and not because they are actually interested in chatting or meeting them.

Tinder is like two guys sitting on a bench looking at women saying “I’d hit it.” under their breath as they walk by. Tinder is a decent game but it is a horrible dating app because fewer and fewer people are vested in results. It digital window shopping with no intention to buy.

As far as being a game it might be cooler if you could just get a rating and then gradually become Tinder famous based on your total average rating by categories of males and females and sexual preference. I’d love to know if I am rated as a cool Guys Guy, AND Boyfriend Material, but that will never happen because I don’t make apps and can barely work my phone.

Keep it in mind when you are using Tinder that half of the people that right swipe you don’t want to talk to you and almost no one on Tinder wants to meet you. Sorry.

** Tangent** Why are people putting their Instagram handle? For more pictures? Get a glue Tinder and link the profile to a Instagram and Facebook at least so you can see more than 5 photos. That image data base will create a more holistic view of the people and their likes.

OK I’m done.