Crowd funding Spotlight: Organic Protein Powder

We all know we need protein and super foods are the most efficient way to get  proteins and other nutrients.  Some times though, we don’t have time or may not like the taste. Here is a crowd funding solution that can come up on Indiegogo that hopes to change all that.

OMG (Organic Meets Good) is a small food start up that want’s to make your super food intake more delicious and accessible. They have created a Quinoa based protein powder that you can add to your drinks, sprinkle over ice cream, add to your yogurt, or any other recipe you can come up with.


Their funding period is almost over and it seems like they have a ways to go but keep in mind that Indiegogo is different from Kickstarter in the way that they allow businesses the option  to keep all the funds they receive even if they don’t make their goal so your dollar can really count.

Check out their story in this short vid and click here to CONTRIBUTE!