I Love People That Cook

Almost anytime I am getting info to attend a gathering I make sure I ask the cardinal question, “Is there going to be food there?” I love to eat and I love photographs so I’ve decided to shoot and discuss some delicious meals, be they  prepared by gourmet hands or untrained patrons of the culinary arts just looking to fill their stomachs. Sights, sounds, and feelings go into a full food experience, I hope to share these as well as the strategy of eating for those that are not quite as practiced in the art of indulgence.


In this particular case I believe this meal is what you would call TLC food. Prepared with love with no particular recipe or artistic design except to please the palet of the consumer, which in this case is a Culture Seeker.

Seasoned shrimp, Pan seared in olive oil
Garlic Rice
Spring Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

PUR Purified water.

I wanted to start with the rice because it was still steaming and I love hot rice. I knew it would be a good palate cleanse to separate the vinaigrette and the shrimp buttraditionally an eater would start with the salad. All the veggies were organic: bay romaine, red and green oak leaf, parsley, cilantro, and dill coupled with an assortment of cherry tomatoes made this a delicious starter course. The rice was not as sticky as it might have looked, not a bad thing but brown rice has a grainier texture than white rice. The shrimp was awesome, each bit slid off the fork as if its sole desire was to please my taste buds. I used the last piece of shrimp to make my plate smile.

I knew I had earned a dessert so I began to look around. I was in no way dissappointed to find a beautiful little carrot cake cupcake looking up at me with a gleam.

The frosting smothers my lips, my teeth sink into the carrot cake like a warm bed after a hard day, I am in heaven. I close my eyes and daydream of bunnies and rainbows. I keep pace with dessert, not progressing too fast or too slow; self-control must be exercised. Still, it doesn’t last long. After I realized that was the last one in the house, I have to ask about the source of this magical pies de resistance. Too bad BIGMAN bakes is closed, other wise I’d be there ordering more now. You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t stop by to find out how good they are for yourself.

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