ZEAL: Drive, Potential, and Passion

As your New Year’s vigor may have already worn off, you may be wondering where all the energy and excitement went that you had just a couple months ago. To reveal insights into this we need to look at the very base of our emotions and where our desires stem from at their core. It is important to understand what is at the root of our intent to effect the greats satisfaction from the lives we live.

Sometimes we act out of fear or survival, other times we are curious about our capacity. We come and go busily in out day to day lives and it seems seldom that we reflect on what we hope to gain by doing so.

We must ask this not only of ourselves but of our leaders as well. With the presidential elections upon us we should seek to ascertain to motives behind people we often perceive as vile or benevolent. By understanding our own motivations, and a bit of psychology, perhaps we can gain some insight into the motives of others.

As a society we should also be introspective in this regard as we continue to shape the future. While we do have a sense of morals and ethics, human bias has a tendency to edit these values based on the task at hand, or particular variable. We appreciate you staying with us this month as we explore these themes and hope to facilitate an experience where you are able to observe your own motivations even as they act upon your behavior.