The Talented Mister Whitmore

Tomas Whitmore is a creative personality of the world-changing kind who is currently paying the bills as a director and videographer. Though that may sound like a dream, what if your dreams were bigger than that? He isn’t completely satisfied with a single channel for expression. Mister Whitmore has set his eye on loftier things.

We meet every so often to catch up on current events, swap ideas, and share stories. We trade must see T.E.D. talks,suggestions of  good documentaries, and notable tweets on a variety of topics. Some of it is heavy, other things  are less so. What is consistent though is Tomas’ perception. He sees to the core of things and  maybe that’s how he finds success creating visuals.

If you follow his twitter feed, you will find grand proclamations like “NO MORE MUSIC VIDEOS.” “MUSIC CINEMA.” It would seem that he has become discontent with the state of commercial art. His work speaks to a keen ability for  creating imagery that elicits responses from the heart and mind but also an accountability for his message. It is not enough for him to flash vivid frames in succession. Tomas creates an avenue for the imagination to wander on its own and still arrive at the intended destination. For however long he has your attention, Tomas holds it dear and works to ensure you get your time’s worth.

Is it sometimes entertaining? Sure. Just like our chats, some of it is heavy, and some of it is casual. Whether he is doing client work or his own projects what is always apparent is that perception. It’s not that he takes what he’s learned as a director and applies it elsewhere to be successful, it is that he applies everything he knows as about to being a human that makes him successful as a director. Every project is a step, like a tile in a mosaic, creating a bigger picture, a larger message. Take a look at his latest piece, a video for “Show Me” by Polyester The Saint.

[vimeo w=601&h=338]

I love the video but to say he is a just video director is to diminish his creative capacity and to altogether ignore his desire for tapping in to, and understanding our culture. The Los Angeles Memory Bank project is one of note for a few reasons. It is not a blog or podcast like any you might find browsing the internet. It is an audio city scape, painted by the voices of L.A.’s own citizens.  Be it a new resident, local tourist, or  LA native everyone has their opinion of this city and what it means to them. Tomas has taken it upon him self to document this without the  aid of the imagery he is known for. He is collecting data, forming a hypothesis, and working to create momentum.

Mister Whitmore is certainly a name that pops into my head when I think of young directors but he is more like the type of guy I want on my team when I am building a movement.  He is a social researcher, theorist, and storyteller. It is his interest in people that is at the forefront of his creative process. His desire for change that is the foundation for his larger goals. He is pushing LA towards its renaissance, the unveiling of a new brighter Los Angeles.

Tomas understands we live in a city with rich soul and is one of those individuals, not only to watch, but to collaborate with. Each project he takes on is another step towards creating that connection, building a network, and creating the vehicle to move people and change the community  for the better. He is shaping his environment by helping shape the products it exports.  He has hopes of changing the world’s perception of Los Angeles and they are not without legs. Behind it all he is aiming to create a rich community for the next generation, not just the city at large but starting even within his own home.

Mister Whitmore is the perfect example of a world changer because he is starting in his own back yard.

If you are lost an need some direction, call Mister Whitmore. He’ll help you find your way.

Mister Tomas Whitmore
Film & Creative Direction