Prologue Profiles: Brendan Weafer

Brendan Weafer is a fighter. It is actually part of his job to hurt people, but you might be surprised by what he has to say. He speaks about having his “Zen” moments while grappling or hitting pads and how he wants to make sure he maintains family relationships. Weafer is a professional MMA fighter with a history in wrestling and martial arts but he has learned a thing or two about challenging and questioning himself.

In this episode of Prologue Profiles Brendan shares his story of injury and his journey from college wresting to the rewards of being a trainer and professional.

Weafer is committed not only to keeping his body in fighting condition but also maintaining a balance between work and life. He is the son of a college wrestler and had a black belt in martial arts by the age of twelve.

This is Prologue Profiles .

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