Sarah Beall: Make Love Not Porn

We all know the porn industry is fake (at least we should). The sounds are fake, the angles highlight penetration and not what is necessarily pleasurable, and above all we know we don’t actually look like that when we have sex. So why do we watch it? Probably for the same reason we go see alien movies, because mainstream porn is about as close to real life as Prometheus.  An even bigger question might be, is this good for us? Mainstream porn shows men with engorged genitalia repeatedly ramming themselves into women making noises that sound like the over dubs are from national geographic. That is all well and good, but couldn’t we get our rocks off with something a bit more closer to life?What effect would this have on how pornography is perceived, received, and dare I say, shared?

Founder, Cindy Gallop and her team at recognize this dilemma and have made it their mission to provide an alternative. They present real world sex in a playful, sexy, online community that is not only delivering good content, but breathing new life into an industry that has thus far been centered on titillation. MLNP has a woman run majority at the helm, which is already a departure from traditional porn. Part of that team is Sarah Beall, the sites curator and community manager. Sarah, is a former script writer from the mainstream sector and now uses that experience to communicate and work with users and their content.


This position is one that makes different than other, professed, user generated amateur sites. Sarah is not buying content that she thinks will do well to sell adds on their site. Her job is to help avail the best possible content to her audience. Their make-love-not-porn stars split profits with MNLP on videos by the number of times they are rented. Some filmmakers have been able to add a few nights out dining a week and others have been able to upgrade to better equipment and reinvest in their projects.

Sarah’s position is pivotal for the company. Their videos are not only able to be rented but gifted as well. In this way it becomes important to have content that is not just stimulating but valuable. Sarah encourages make-love-not-porn stars to create context in their films either via foreplay or personal introductions of their videos, and they all have trailers. It is not just a simple scene with a milkman and a house wife, these are real people in real relationships.  Madame Curator, Sarah’s alias on the site, strives to maintain integrity and portray connection and authenticity with the selections she adds to the site.  It is a needed change in the adult film community but also in how media is distributed to our generation as well. She ensures consent, context, and that is as non-performative as possible.

“MNLP is not anti porn.”, Sarah clearly states. Some of their users are porn performers for a living, their tagline is “Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.” She says, “It has become harder and harder to tell the difference between what is real sex and what is not.”  A lot of the amateur porn online that is billed that way is often not. Sarah recalls writing scripts where the intent was to make the performance seem amateur. And, because there are few representations of what real world sex looks like on line people will almost, inadvertently copy the way porn is shot. The idea with real world sex from MNLP’s perspective is not to simply get the penetration shots, but to capture a moment that is authentic sensual, or even intimate. It becomes less about the specific angles and more about the energy of the people involved. It is actually recommended that make-love-not-porn stars do not set up their scenes but capture them as they are happening when possible.

Make Love Not Porn Star “Modesty Abaze”

On the blog you will find stories and testimonials from their stars and mentions of how the process of filming, and publishing their sex have effected their relationships and love live. The community is diverse, not all the couples are married, they are not all straight, in fact they are not always couples. The age, personality, and body types all range on as broadly as the range of people you would see in our culture. You might think that there are more exhibitionists on the site but that would be far from correct. Some people are in fact very shy and may not show their face or share their identity. The MNLP team does maintain the real identity of all its participants for age and consent reasons. is a new model for adult content on the web impacting not only how porn is consumed, but also how it is created. The people are not actors, the scenes are not staged, and the sex is real, as it should be.

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