Hundred . Waters . Deep .

defxnicole.   Everyone should have a musical pen pal. A person you can send music back and forth with daily. It will enhance your life on so many levels. Don’t ask the person to be your musical pen pal. Just start sending them music and if they send some back to you, it was meant to be. Hundred Waters was a gift i unwrapped in my inbox one interesting morning. “Murmurs” was the first item of light that caught my ear. It was the most beautiful song my ears had heard in the past 366 days. I almost cried, honestly. Drawn in by the hypnotizing invitational chant of “I wish you ,  I wish you , I wish you  , I wish you , I wish you , I wish you, could see what I seeeeee”.  And in that moment I truly did. The coloring of the video even matched the song. Notice that everyone’s eyes (except the lead singer Nicole)  were closed in the video. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure there is something interesting there. There was a soft epicness to it. You know a song writer is brilliant when they can say “yesterday was your birthday , happy birthday..” and it sounds amazing. I was entranced by this song for days. In the moment I snapped out of it I needed to know more about this band. So here we go down the rabbit hole.   I came to find out that their newest record “The Moon Rang Like A Bell” was released on sacred ground out in Arizona in an experimental town inside of a molten bronze bell casting community by the name of ArcosantiInside this arch took place the amazing album release captured below.   I came to find out this young band originally was formed in 2011 in Florida by members Paul Giese – electronics, guitars, Nicole Miglis vocals, keys, flute,   Zach Tetreault – drums, vocals, and Trayer Tryon – electronics, guitars.   Hundred Waters Drawing inspiration for their name from Austrian painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his approach to letting the viewer/listener have their own interpretation and experience with the art. Now in Los Angeles, one of the wildest pieces of data I ended up stumbling upon about the band was that they are signed by Skrillex’s OWSLA  Label. Taste levels aren’t limited these days. We are all cross genre blends. If you are reading this you are a genre!     In an interesting  coincidence (btw I don’t believe in random coincidences anymore, I believe in purposed purpose). I crossed paths with Nicole in DTLA at a very random Levi’s event where we discussed monsters, boiler rooms, art, her face, why there weren’t any free jeans at the event, and how good Thundercat smelled that night. I say that to say she is as interesting as she seems. Okay, back to the music, I watched a brilliant story unfold in a forest… Wanna see? “Boreal”  is a song with many movements, much like water , it openly twinkles around the mind if you let it. The visuals do exactly what all great art should do. Beautifully intrigue and almost confuse you.   The next piece of light I want to share with you is the opening song on the “The Moon Rang Like A Bell” album. These angelic harmonies present in this prayer of a song called “Show Me Love” feel special and innocent. Layered with levels on levels on levels of meaning in every song, replay value is there.  I see why they called themselves Hundred Waters. As I was looking for more pictures of the band I came across a love letter handwritten by Nicole about heaven of all places: hundred-waters-note     There is something very deep, honest and innocent about their music. No matter where you are in the world you should try and catch them live touring with Interpol. ( Dates are below )   hundredwaters   If you can’t catch them live watch this live performance of the song “Animal” in San Francisco. It’s pretty amazing. Thanks for reading and listening.   p e a c e _.         -∂eƒ