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  • Women Of The World Poetry Slam

    Women Of The World Poetry Slam

    The Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) is a yearly Poetry Slam tournament put on by Poetry Slam, Inc. that pits individual slam poets from around the world that “live their lives as women”against one another. The great city of Austin, Texas, played host to the WOWPS from March 20-22.  In celebration of March…

  • Leaf by Fisseha Moges

    Leaf by Fisseha Moges

    It is said a breath takes 7 years to mix completely with the atmosphere. which means in another part of the world what you exhale at this exact moment, will be inhaled by someone else 7 years from now. I pray they know what to do with it. for I remember when I once blindly…

  • Drunk Text Message to God by Sarah Winters

    Drunk Text Message to God by Sarah Winters

    drunk text message to god after george watsky dear god: on the fifth day, you created birds. on the sixth, man and the animals on the seventh, you rested, and on the eighth, i am convinced that you created alcohol as a way to play truth or dare with me on nights like tonight. tonight…