Tempest Free Running Academy: Super Hero School

Have you ever wanted to fly? Ever thought about suiting up in those tights and hitting the streets? I’m asking if you have ever wanted to be a super hero!? If the answer is yes, then you are going to need a few things. You will need some special abilities, and barring a radioactive bug bite or advanced technology armor, you will need to be in shape. You will need to be able to flip and run, and leap across roof tops. If you already have the suit and now only need the skills, Tempest Free Running Academy is the place to go.

Tempest is California’s only major facility ¬†dedicated solely to the sport of free running. Some call it Parkour though, there are nuances that differentiate the two. The sport encompasses acrobatics, running, jumping, and diving. It is a sport that pursues aesthetic quality as well as technical ability. Free running could certainly be described as an “Xtreme” sport in that it is not a team sport and is considered to be high risk.
If you watch a video of someone free running on YouTube it might either look like, something you think you could never do, or something you would immediately want to go try. In both cases you would be a bit left of center, but that is where Tempest comes in.



They wouldn’t call it an academy if you couldn’t learn the tricks (literally) of the trade. The model is akin to a martial arts studio combined with elements of a traditional fitness center. Tempest offers classes from working professional free runners who routinely work as stuntpersons in Hollywood productions. Students can take color band tests to progress in their level of ability like a martial arts belt system. Their coaches are not only capable of amazing feats but they are knowledgeable enough to know how to help you progress. It is very popular with children and, they are safe enough to convince dozens of moms to hand over their kids to let them play. It is a much about fitness as it is about fun.That is the culture of the academy, it is a jungle gym for all ages. It is the most open and welcoming of an environment you’ll find. Feel free to stroll in by yourself to an open gym session and by the time you finish you may not only be flipping but you will have a few new friends.


The only thing more valuable than the opportunity the facility provides is the community that is home there. Every one of the coaches is encouraging and yet focuses on safety. It is a not competitive environment and yet you’ll find yourself driven to improve by the inspiration of others. Lessons we take from the free running academy are ones that can be applied to our daily lives: Knowing your limits, but being willing to push them. Helping others tackle obstacles for no other reason than to see the look on their face when they accomplish what they have been attempting tirelessly. At Tempest, everyone gets better as the best get better. The coaches all have different strengths, body types, and preferences in how they approach movement but they share a love for the sport.


There is something to take from Tempest in the way we interact with each other and shape our society. There is a physical space designed specifically to encourage growth and movement. With a team of leaders providing guidance and training everyone improves at their own pace. The community forms bonds behind common goals ¬†and a shared passion. Its almost as if Tempest Free Running Academy should be a city and not just a place. Good for us they are expanding. Tempest will be opening a new location in South Bay. Their grand opening will be on February first and you should definitely stop by. We’ll keep you posted on the new location and in the mean time stop by their existing space in Chatworth.



Tempest Academy Website

Chatsworth Location
19821 Nordhoff Pl. #115
Los Angeles, CA 91311
818) 717-0525

South Bay Location