Diane Lindquist: Relationship Designer

When you think of a the tools of the a designer what comes to mind? Maybe a sketch pad and a drafting table? If we are talking about the  more contemporary version, perhaps a laptop like a portátil ofertas, and a Wacom tablet? There are some who have come to understand the world of design in a deeper way.  

Mrs. Diane Lindquist is the managing editor of most visited website on package design in the world,thedieline.com, communications co-chair of AIGA Los Angeles, and  a native Angeleno. She has come to see the world of design through relationshops, that have crafted a her a life in the communication arts.

She made the switch from marketing management to graphic design during her senior year of university at Cal State University of Los Angeles and that marked a turning point in creating the perspective that is shaping her life and career. Her early relationship with AIGA Los Angeles was formed through her college professor. Lindquist is the type of person who seeks to identify gaps in any design that she can fill. At AIGA LA she is able to create new programs and features to the website not only because she has the skills but also the desire to invest in improvement. This passion and skill was evident to Andrew Gibbs, a fellow board member of AIGA LA and founder of The Die line so he decided to bring her on board.

As a freelance designer Diane has worked with Grand Park, Team Friday, and Annenberg Space for Photography among others. I asked how she is able to manage her time and how she goes about finding freelance work.”Everything  that I have done in my career has come form a relationship. When people know you have a good heart and talent these things come as a way of people wanting to reach out and support. At AIGA many of the chairs positions are filled by people that have careers in design. Though some people may want to be a part of a community for those connections to resources, Diane is interested in the community to get the know the people themselves. ” I want to be a part of a community where I can geek out about type ,or letter spacing, or color. And being involved in that network you get to know people.”

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Los Angeles has become a city known largely for the entertainment industry and the superficiality that might bring but Diane has a different perspective as a someone who was born and raised here. “For those that say LA  is ‘too spread out’ or ‘there is no sense of community’, that is a load of crap. You CAN reach out, you CAN connect and separate and reconnect, here.” This push and pull of relationships in LA can propel you. There are more people that you are able to experience and have the chance to make connections that can take you anywhere you want to go. “It comes down to knowing who you are.” Diane says.  ” When you know who you are, people have something to connect to.”

At the Dieline Diane,sets and maintains the framework to create the best possible user experience, at AIGA Los Angeles she creates and facilitates opportunities for people to interact with the foundation. At her core Diane Lindquist is a communication designer who’s true passion is building relationships and cultivating community in the city she loves. With a firm personal history she is able to form strong bonds with people. Her genuine interest in the well-being of others these bonds come about naturally and easily maintained.

Diane Lindquist

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