UKNOWN: Hesitation, Mystery, Suspense

When a person wakes up their partner to go investigate a bump in the night, neither of them have an exact idea what has caused it. The difference is that the person who goes to find out comes back with a knowledge that the other person does not have. If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, it must also make you smarter. But if this is true then we are we all not in a rush to move into the darkness and gain that first hand knowledge? Well the answer is that we aren’t sure that we would survive the experience of going to find out.

Sometimes this lack of knowledge comes as fear, but other times it arises as mystery. An arousal of curiosity that we almost don’t want to leave swells over us as goose bumps form and we lean on the edge of our seats to find out. This anxiety is something that can propels us or paralyze us and to understand which we should take a closer look at the things that inspire this within us.

It is not always a lack of knowledge that leads to fear, it is the replacement with knowledge with an imagined danger. However unlikely the even that we are imagining might be it is impossible to loosen the grip that fear can have on us in some instances. So in order to manage that fear not only need to manage our lack of knowledge but also the mystery.

When we fail to do this we catch ourselves in the a state of suspense. This paralysis is good for no one, but it does one thing well. Suspense forces us to take in more information. The shock that stilts our movement gives us a few more minutes to connect with our intuition and/or gather more information. When we have satisfied this need it is time to get going. This month we will seek a greater understanding of the unknown. So that at least if we can’t know any more, we can get a little bit better at managing the side effects of our ignorance.