Zack Sekoff Ancestors EP


We introduced you to Zack Sekoff when he kicked ass on the  Stussy: Make Beats contest. He is back now to embarrass all his elders with  “Ancestors”. The project was originally released in August but we’ve been too busy looping on our itunes to write about it. In 15 minutes Mr. Sekoff  get’s you bobbing your head, wishing you could rap , and pondering the universe before he sends you spiraling back into your mundane existence. He opens with the prize fighter, the winning track “Belly Beat” and if you’ve never heard it you’re dumb. He calms you down a bit on ” Dreams” and let’s bass god, (noted Bsed God) Thundercat skeet all over “Drowning” .  In the time it takes you to get a car wash Zack Sekoff will have you reevaluating your life. You may need guidance in these tough times, look to your Ancestors for the answer.



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We’ll be keeping up with Zack and his prodigal progress and should you be hungry for content from him check him out else where online.
Zack Sekoff