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  • Hunger Remedy: Salt’s Cure

    Hunger Remedy: Salt’s Cure

    Los Angeles isn’t exactly well know for it’s restaurants but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good meal in the city. If your dietary persuasion does not exclude the tastes of pork, beef, and turkey you may find that Salt’s Cure is a great place to stop for a savory bite. There is something…

  • Tale of Two Seats

    Tale of Two Seats

    Brown chair sits in downtown LA across from the Hill St. Courthouse, behind LA market. Made of wood. Silver chair basks in the West Hollywood sun on the corner of Melrose , in front of Pacific Design Center. Stainless steel. You wonder if these two were separated at birth. On opposite ends of the city,…

  • Eyita Gaga: Very Different

    Eyita Gaga: Very Different

    Upon first sight I thought Eyita was a professional artist or musician. That was my first misjudgment about her, and certainly not my last. I spent a Sunday Morning with her, attempting to capture her in a specific light. I didn’t think I had succeeded. Maybe the first word that comes to mind when I…