Maceo Zearik Keeling the 3rd does not know what he wants to be.

There are not many people that can understand the burdern of being supremely talented in a multitude of areas but Maceo is one of those people… or atleast he likes to think so.

He is a poet, photographer,musician,dancer,logistician, philosopher,actor, designer, and aspiring physicist.

Creativity is his strong suit. Decision making is not.

“I feel like I could be successful at what ever endeavor I choose to pursue, the problem is, I am pursuing them all at once, and that leaves me spread a little thin.”

If you browse his website you will see some great images of women, architecture, and random moments he  enjoys.

If you tune in to season 6 of “So You Think You Can Dance” (FOX) you will see him advance past the amatuers.

If you step into to an open mic in Los Angles on any given night,you may hear his words from the stage, as a feature poet or a guest.

CDs for sale,artwork for sale,dancer/photographer/vocalist for hire.

He is a sell out…in a good way.

Not a follower of the status quo or even any recognized school of thought Maceo just brings his all every time he does anything.

”Passion is my biggest ally. Its not so much that I am so good at anything but I am desperate to  fulfill whatever potential I have and inspire others to do the same.”

The days are spent creating solutions to logistics conundrums and designing marketing components for fashion and retail companies but his night are spent on different things each night.He dances monday and wednesdays, performs open mic poetry on tuesdays, writes music on thursdays, and does photo shoots on the weekend. Any spare time is used making homecooked meals from scratch or trying to come up with sock designs.

“My life goal is to discover teleportation. I don’t do anything that is involved with that right now I guess, except that I have a sincere belief in things many people see as impossible.”

No doubt he is capable of a lot but with all that he is juggling is he really giving any one of his skills all the attention it deserves?

Im not exactly sure but keep your eyes out for this guy, I hear he is in the market for a new skill.

Written by Maceo.