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As a result of our  individual knowledge and experience each of us has a unique vantage point through which we perceive the society we live in. It is our hope that by creating a space for open dialogue we gain better understanding about the nature of what divides us, in pursuit of grasping what unites us.

The View From Here is an event series that address the most critical issues facing our society today. In a conversational manner TVFH gives credence to diverse voices on subjects ranging from race, money, technology, religion, art, and love.


The View From Here: The G Word: Gentrification from Citizens Of Culture on Vimeo.


Topics We’ve Covered

  • Technological Unemployment
  • Racial  Justice
  • Digital Divide/ Net Neutrality
  • Housing Development/Gentrification
  • Immigration

  • Gender Equity
  • Religion and Belief Systems
  • Environmental Impact/Climate Change
  • Capitalism & Socialism
  • Fake News/ Political Polarization

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