Polaroid Revival: The Impossible Project

We all still have our cameras. With the flip open lid and the boxy design. But when was the last time you fanned that waxy film to “develop” it faster?


It has been a while for me too. Scouring drugstores,photo supply shops , and ebay has lead me to few leads.
I only ever find it in random spots on accident and I always buy as much of it as is there or at least what I can afford.
Average price for 10 films is around 20$ and 2 dollars a picture will really make you think before you click.
Wouldn’t it be great if somebody just bought up the factory and got it running again?
There is a team of enthusiasts that aim to do just that.

The Impossible Project is the team dedicate to the instant Polaroid revival. Polaroid film revolutionized photography. Never before were you able to view a picture you had just taken without the lenthgy development process. The loss of this medium has drastically altered the shape of the art form.

I am not sure if I am entirely excited about it though. On one hand there is the potential to shoot a lot more polaroids and create great art with out such a burden on my finances.
Then there is the fact that it will be mass marketed and loose a bit of the luster of working to find it and investing in the media.Knowing that every high schooler and hipster will able to get their hands on it. Really though, art is for everyone and this may lead to some Polaroid prodigy emerging that never would had the opportunity otherwise.
The Impossible Project is scheduled to kick off in 2010 so we shall see if the “impossible” be come a reality.


Shake it like a Polaroid picture.


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