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Some call it Space Rock others might call it dream pop or even neo psychedelia. I call it Kevin, short for Kevin Parker who is thee one sound mind behind the sound known as Tame Impala. Tame Impala has been something Kevin Parker  has been recording as a one man band since he was 12. His latest offering “Lonerism”
is a mental orchestra that takes place in our minds. There is a feeling of neon nostalgia through out the project. It’s Yes meet’s The Beatles meets Fiona Apple meets Frank Zappa and they all had a party. I would call it thee soundtrack to a feeling, that feeling we all have when we’re in a crowded space but feel completely alone. Thee entire listening feels like an experience that is continuously stimulating, much like you are watching it live as you listen to it. I found while I was in my car playing this album the other cars seemed to move slower around me. Even the album cover which was shot by Kevin himself and edited by Leif Podhajsky who is responsible for all their other previous artwork and is a genius in his own right, please google him when you are done reading this!
The album starts with the singular voice of Kevin that fades you into a world chanting “I gotta be above it. I gotta be above it” you start to levitate above “it” all as you are hypnotically sucked into the entire experience.
The 2nd song on the project “Endors Toi” sounds victorious and other worldly like you’ve arrived! With no vocals till the song is half way through is so worth the wait. As the rough guitar solo escorts you to the end you will find yourself walking into a “Apocalypse Dream” which sounds like the song that helps you realize why you are even listening to this album. The opening line alone is a mantra that you wish to believe as he sings  “This could be the day we push though, it could be the day all our dreams come true, for me and you.” The iconic break @ :30 in will take you 2 yet another place if you let it. At exactly 3 minutes in you believe the song is over but only takes you higher, it’s truly a masterpiece of a song. After the epic “Apocalypse Dream” that brings us to my favorite and most care free and fun track on the album “Mind Mischief”. Every time I heard this track on the radio or out somewhere I would shazam it like I never heard it before, ha! Built around a drum loop that continually sounds like it’s starting over and over and over you are caught up in it’s beauty.
I could go on a couple forevers and a day about each song but I will give you some highlights to really let you ears dive into “Why Won’t They Talk to Me?” ,  “Keep On Lying” “Sun’s Coming Up” are both amazingly Beatles esque, “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control” is an EPIC song with chords character that are as awesome as it’s title.
Here is thee latest  Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan directed video for another highlight on the album “”
I truly cherish album’s that sound timeless like 20 years from now we will be sampling this record for all it’s perfect riffs, trippy guitar petals effects and synth chords. Lonerism is full of songs that you never want to end.
-∂eƒ   ( t h e e  d e a l e r )




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